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A major portion of the globally traded goods is shipped using Ocean vessels. Sea freight is usually the
choice when the cargo is heavy or bulky and the time factor is not important. Trans-Line can ensure your
consignment travels by the most cost-effective route to almost anywhere in the world.

Trans-Line handles both inbound and outbound airfreight cargos. If you need your cargo to reach its
destination promptly and cost is not a factor, then airfreight is the way to go.

inland multi-modal tranportation
As not all consignee destinations are a stone’s throw from an airport or a seaport, inland transportation is
required to deliver the cargo to its final destination. Trans-Line offers a fleet of trucks, which are constantly
on the move delivering cargoes.

door to door delivery
Door to door delivery is as simple as it sounds; we pick up the cargo from your doorstep, and we deliver
it to your destination’s doorstep.

custom clearance & documentation
The necessary paperwork depends on the nature/kind of your cargo. During this rather complicated process we take over all the paperwork and thinking from you, we only get you involved at a minimum, unavoidable extent.

'break-bulk' is defined as loose cargo, such as cartons, stowed directly in the ship's hold as opposed to containerized or bulk cargo.

consolidated of cargo - NVOCC LCL
Consolidation means combining cargo with other shipping consignments that is headed for the same destination. Whether or not your overall cargo volume fills a full container volume, we at Trans-Line can offer you a cost efficient freight by consolidating your cargo with our regular consignments.

storage & warehousing
Trans-Line provides storage and warehousing facilities to customers who lack storage space for their bulky, cumbersome goods for a minimal fee.

stuffing and unstuffing of FCL
Trans-Line has a team of experienced skilled workers who can systematically stuff your cargo into the container to minimize wastage of volume and metric space. Containers can be orderly unloaded depending on your priorities.

agency representation through exstensive networks
Here at Trans-Line, we believe in allying ourselves only with agents who has reliable service. Each agent in our network has undergone a diligent screening process. This process also ensures that our customers' product is always protected and delivered. To maintain quality control our staff is constantly monitoring each and every shipment to insure that your product is delivered within your specified criteria.

customised advise on shipment of cargos
Whether you need express service, sea/ air / surface multimodal combinations, or other types of service, we can arrange the best shipping choices to meet your particular needs for security, schedule and situation. Here at Trans-Line, we have an vast network of partners with excellent relationships with renowned overseas companies.

TRANSLINE SDN BHD                           Tel : 082-339949
P.O Box 757, 93716,                            Fax : 082-343109
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia                 Email : nvocc@pd.jaring.my ; tsbfreg@pd.jaring.my